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A wide range of jewelry, design that meets the requirements of modern fashion, product quality, flexible pricing policy of the enterprise, allow the consumer to choose the products corresponding to his taste, the level of income. Since 2004 the Kaliningrad company "Amber Wave" represents jewelry, which many connoisseurs and experts confidently define as the most real works of art.
In a rich palette of artists, silver and gold ware, precious, semiprecious stones, and of course - solar amber. The very inspiration creates hands by the masters of incredible beauty pendants, rings, earrings, brooches, bracelets. They are different. For every day and for the brightest celebrations in life. But even for the most concise decoration of the "Amber Wave" there is always a place in the box with family jewelry.
True connoisseurs agree with this. About 800 companies across the country have already become regular partners of the Amber Wave.
All variety of collections of the Kaliningrad masters they offer clients all over Russia: both capital, spoiled choice riches, and to inhabitants of small regions.
If to speak the language of figures, then every year a ton of silver is transformed by the hands of the masters of the "Amber Wave" into those very small miracles that so delight us.
Amber in combination with other precious and semiprecious stones receives a worthy frame, which maximizes the uniqueness of each stone. Artists are constantly at work here.
The collection is being updated constantly. The series are small. Therefore, people who know, never postpone the purchase of these beautiful ornaments "for later".
At its own production in Kaliningrad, the "Amber Wave" creates and individual works under the order. And then jewelry mastery is not limited to decorations. In private collections these piece masterpieces find their worthy place.
Diplomas and certificates brought from Russian and foreign exhibitions confirm the quality of the work of artists and masters of the "Amber Wave". For them, there is practically no impossible - in their hands the most advanced technologies for processing stones and precious metals, the most modern equipment and, of course, fantasy. Without it, it is impossible to create such bright, unusual, ornaments that become the object of admiration for connoisseurs with the most exquisite taste.
Fashion is fleeting, but not for these little miracles from the "Amber Wave". They are relevant and good today, but they are timeless. Their beauty, sophistication belong to eternity and those who acquired them.


Cufflinks & Pins
95 Pieces(Min. Order)
95 Pieces(Min. Order)
95 Pieces(Min. Order)
55 Pieces(Min. Order)